Arquebus krigshistorisk museum

The museum opens on May 3rd until 31th of August.
Open Tuesday-Sunday: 11 AM-4 PM
*The Museum is closed on Thursday May 26th and Sunday June 5th 2022.

Stridsvogn utenfor museumsinngang

Bokn bygdemuseum gives us a multitude of insights at the life from 1850 till 1900 in the community of Bokn

Bokn bygdemuseum

Closed for the season

Eksteriørbilder av Bokn bygdemuseum, det gamle ungdomshuset på Håland

Dokken Museum

Closed for the season. Open from 21th of June until 14th of August 2022
Tuesday - Sunday: 11 AM - 4 PM
(Monday closed)

Uteareal mellom husene i Dokken museum. Viser kolonialbutikken, losahuset og stavahuset.

Haugesund billedgalleri is the museum of fine arts in the region and the exhibition arena for the Haugesund Art Association.

Haugesund billedgalleri

Closed 1th of May
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 12.00-15.00
Sunday: 12.00-17.00

Haugesund billedgalleri

The Hiltahouse is a museum located on the small island Røvær. It is the oldest house on the island. The construction indicates that the house was built in the 1820s.

Hiltahuset, Røvær

Summer 2022:
Open on Thursdays and Sundays from 26 of June until 28 of August: 1.30 -3.30 PM



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