Eksteriørbilder av Bokn bygdemuseum, det gamle ungdomshuset på Håland
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Bokn bygdemuseum

Bokn bygdemuseum gives us a multitude of insights at the life from 1850 till 1900 in the community of Bokn

In the old house, previously used for youth activities, on the westside of Bokn you will find the treasure trove of Bokn Rural museum. The exhibitions include more than 4,000 historical objects from 1850 to 1950. Amongst the carefully furnished bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens you will achieve a good insight into the historic home life of Bokn. The museum also features exhibitions dedicated to agriculture, fishing and other equipment linked to traditional working life. The building also houses a cobbler’s workshop and a shed. The museum building itself is from 1909.

Bokn Rural museum is open to the public every Sunday during the summer, from the last half of June to the first half of August.

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Closed for the season

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Adults: kr. 70
Student / Seniors: kr. 50
Children under 16: free

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T: 52 75 25 00


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