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Arquebus krigshistorisk museum

Welcome to Arquebus War History Museum, one of Norway's largest military defense museums. Here you will find local history, detailed exhibitions and an impressive collection of objects from the period of German occupation of Norway 1940-45

Arquebus War History Museum in Tysvær has a varied of exhibitions that tells the history of the occupation of Norway in 1940-45. The main emphasis is of the war actions within North Rogaland and Sunnhordland, the contribution of the merchant marine navy, and on the home front and daily life in the war years. The newest exhibition, “Der Untergang”, shows the Allied victory in Europe and of the German defeat in Berlin in 1945. The museum is named after Sverre K. Andersen, who accomplished secret radio transmissions during World War II, under the cover name Arquebus. The original radio transmitter for “Arquebus” is on display at the museum.

With its 2,000 m² of indoor exhibition space and more than 6,000 genuine artifacts on exhibit, the Norwegian history of the five years of occupation comes dramatically alive through a number of displays. The museum is located 9 km east of Haugesund, in the middle of the Forresfjord along the E134.  We have a museum shop, with sales of various military effects, books, ice cream and coffee.


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Opening hours

New season starts July 1st.
Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-16.00

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Adult ticket: kr. 70
Student / Seniors ticket: kr. 50
Children under 16: free


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T: 52 70 93 60


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