The Vindafjord Museum focuses on local craft and business history, with special traditions related to shipbuilding. Here you will find a rich collection of objects from work and everyday life, and models of sailing boats. The museum also contains some of the oldest books from one of Norway’s oldest libraries – Det Vigedalske Læseselskab – […]

Sjøhuset på Utsira

Mikal L. Klovning’s boathouse on Utsira was the main area for an extensive fishing activity. The business was primarily related to herring fishing, but also other fishing such as cod, mackerel, and lobster. The boathouse and equipment still stored here shows how fishing took place in the period 1870-1950, with equipment, gear and boats for […]

Nedstrand bygdemuseum

The museum has several collections and exhibitions. The old customs post from «Ryfylke Customs Station» has been conserved and is preserved as a protected building on the ferry dock. The timber dates from 1549, which makes it one of the oldest preserved wooden buildings in Rogaland. At “Old Stranda School” from 1875, the museum has […]

Karmsund folkemuseum

Karmsund folkemuseum is Haugesund’s cultural history museum and has its main section in the center of Haugesund, in the city’s old dairy building. The museum has four permanent exhibitions. The two most recent are “From field to meal- Farming”, about agriculture from 1650-1900, and “The town that went ashore”, an anniversary exhibition which was completed […]

Hiltahuset, Røvær

Although the Hiltahouse was originally built primarily as a farmhouse, one of the living rooms was also converted and used as a school room in the 1880s. The teacher lived two weeks on Røvær and two weeks on the mainland. The house has been passed down from mother to daughter for several generations. The house […]

Haugesund billedgalleri

The museum has a large collection of Norwegian art from the 1800s to the 2000s. Through funds and grants, new works are added every year. As well as international and national artists, local artists are well represented in the collection. As well as a two story villa exhibiting art from the vast collection, the gallery […]

Dokken Museum

Just across the bridge to Hasseløy (“Bakarøy”) you will find Dokken, the open air museum – a green area surrounded by a number of smaller buildings that tells the historic stories of old Haugesund. The museum represents an important part of the urban environment in Haugesund during the herring times and shows how people lived […]

Bokn bygdemuseum

In the old house, previously used for youth activities, on the westside of Bokn you will find the treasure trove of Bokn Rural museum. The exhibitions include more than 4,000 historical objects from 1850 to 1950. Amongst the carefully furnished bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens you will achieve a good insight into the historic home […]

Arquebus krigshistorisk museum

Arquebus War History Museum in Tysvær has a varied of exhibitions that tells the history of the occupation of Norway in 1940-45. The main emphasis is of the war actions within North Rogaland and Sunnhordland, the contribution of the merchant marine navy, and on the home front and daily life in the war years. The […]